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“Forty-five years ago, Seattle trio McTuff would’ve been stars on Blue Note Records: guitarist Andy Coe, organist Joe Doria, and drummer Tarik Abouzied possess Olympian skills on their instruments, and they put their talent toward epic soul-jazz and funk-rock compositions that made old and young Bumbershooters alike break out their most exhibitionistic dance moves.”  – The Stranger Bumbershoot 2014 Review

“Led by masterful organist Joe Doria, McTuff lay down some freewheeling, funky jazz fusion that eschews that genre’s dubious rockisms in favor of noir licks and classily ego-free breakdowns. One of the hardest-working jazz ensembles in town, McTuff reliably bring the heat live.” – The Stranger Bumbershoot 2014 Preview

“To know them is to dance to them in a psychedelic haze.”Seattle Magazine

“McTuff played one of those shows which was simply too good to step away from. Audience members of all ages stood (and danced) completely captivated at the ingenuity unfolding before them.” – Crazy Horse 2013 Show Review

“McTuff Trio write alluringly malleable tunes, redolent of soul, ablaze with technical virtuosity, and often funky. And they do a radical reinvention of the Beatles’ ‘She’s So Heavy’ that deserves a Nobel or something.” – The Stranger 2013 Show Preview

“It’s amazing to watch these gentlemen work together. Each contributes to take you on a fabulous music journey that will get your toes stomping and your head bobbing.”Monarch Review

“On stage, McTuff lays down a blistering hard groove met at the altar by traditional jazz and blues melodies and set free by funk’s irreverent attitude.” – Court Scott, Jambase

“The trio’s sharp fusion of jazz and funk and Doria’s warm, reverberating Hammond organ had the floor from the first note. The crowd was grooving, bootys were being slapped, and everyone was feeling it.” – Gwendolyn Elliot, Seattle Weekly

“Each of these musicians cuts lead lines like he’s dancing with a pocket blade, carries rhythm like engine cylinders in top gear, and most importantly, they all hit you with a big dose of it, the sweet soul that they get right from the source, the real deal.” – Nathan Bluford, Earshot Jazz

“In a league not of this earth, these guys are uniquely able to put on a mind-blowing show in the smallest moments, the sparest of notes, knowing when to fall back, and when to go nuts.” – Carol Banks Weber,

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